Garage door replacement is easy

Read these before having your garage door repaired or replaced. Know the right ways of doing it.

Unplug garage door opener while on vacation

If you often travel or go for a vacation for many days, Garage Door Repair Chicago suggests unplugging the opener of your garage door. Doing so will make the remote controls unusable by any person until your arrival and personally plugging it again. This precaution should be considered seriously to make sure that you will have a worry free vacation far away from home.

Secure remote control at all times

Garage Door Repair Chicago observes that there is a new trend in home invasion these days. Access by burglars is gained by stealing the opener inside the car. Therefore, never leave the remote control inside the car unattended. Consider having a portable remote control that you can place in your bag. Also, make sure to lock the entrance to the inner part of your house.

Check the position of the receiver and transmitter of your garage door

For automated garage doors, it is very important to make sure that the receiver and the transmitter are positioned accordingly. The receiver should be hanging down to allow better transmission from the remote. Also, Garage Door Repair Chicago professionals suggest keeping the control at a considerable range to utilize equipment accordingly.

Learn more about solar openers

Electric garage door openers are not the only ones on the market today. These days, you can find openers operated with solar power according to Garage Door Repair Chicago. These systems have little devices that are charged in the sun and last for enough cycles. Since garage doors are installed in open spaces the system is constantly charged and has the same capacities as electric ones.

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