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What do you know about garage door? What do you think what is the common knowledge on garage doors. Everybody probably knows something. Probably, in 99 percent cases people know that the garage doors are the biggest movable surface within the house. They are that way so the cars and vehicles that are stored and kept within the garage could go in and out whenever they need to do so. Some of the garage doors are opened manually while some of them are opened by garage door openers.

Very often this is pretty much all what people know about garage door. These could be seen as basic facts relating to the garage door. Some people off course have some advanced knowledge on the subject and they understand the basics of the garage door maintenance. They know they should every month check their door for balance and that they should have no trouble or feel any resistance when they try to lift or pull down their garage door. They also probably know that doors shouldn’t be jumping out or have difficulties when passing along the garage door track but should keep at all times within the track and run smoothly along it. If for some reason this doesn’t goes the way we’ve described it then that garage door might be in a big trouble.

Good common knowledge sometimes goes even one step further and involves some additional data about maintenance. So for example useful information refers again to regular servicing and maintenance of the door: it might be crucial to lubricate all the moving elements of the garage door on monthly basis. Those elements include hinges, rollers, bearings as well as torsion springs. All the listed should be lubricated for better as well as safe operation. The act of lubricating also very often increases the life expectancy of the listed elements. This however doesn’t include tracks that should not be lubricated in any case what so ever. If you would not know this and proceed with lubricating your garage door track you might create a very unpleasant effect with sticky surface prone to attract dirt and causing your door malfunctioning.
These are basic information that relate to garage door maintenance and servicing. Are you surprised? Something that all of us literally take for granted has so many needs and requirements.
Well to keep your garage door in good shape you should contact us from Garage Door Repair Melrose Park.

We are true encyclopedia when it comes to garage door repair and maintenance and there is no such thing that we don’t know about your garage door. And you know what; we don’t do it because we have to or because that is ours job, we do it because we really enjoy it. We take pleasure in helping you with your garage doors. We enjoy seeing your doors run smoothly and you enjoying the results of our work.

We at Garage Door Repair Melrose Park provide you with the complete service and care for your garage door. We cover all your door needs starting from installation, replacement and repair all the way to providing best quality replacement parts and executing monthly inspection and control of your garage door at your request. You name it we do it.
Call us and we promise you will never hear your garage squeak again!


Garage Door Repair Melrose Park | 708-215-2080

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