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No matter if you live in Des Plaines, come to visit every now or then or planning to move here; there are several things you should know about the “City of Destiny”.

1. The city of Des Plaines was named after the Des Plaines River which runs through the downtown area.
2. Some sixty and even seventy years ago Des Plaines had numerous greenhouse complexes for production of hothouse roses. In fact Des Plaines back then was the world’s largest producer of this rose and the city’s nick name was “City of Roses”.
3. Des Plaines changed its nickname into “City of Destiny” in sixties.
4. First McDonald’s franchised ever, opened by franchiser and founder of McDonald’s company Ray Krock; was on Lee Street in Des Plaines. Today it serves as a museum.
5. Des Plaines is home of the world’s best garage repair company Garage Door Repair Des Plaines.

So how would you do if this was a quiz?! Five out of five. Too ambitious? Maybe four out of five. Don’t worry as long as you know the details related to last point you are fine. In fact you are more than fine. And not just you for that matter but your household or to be more precise your garage door is fine as well. Although it might seem like a complete irrelevant issue; your garage door is much much more. It is an extra door which not only enhances the beauty of your house, increases the value of the same, protects your true love – your car but it also, in same strange way, has a direct impact on the way your day will turn out to be. You know what they say: the morning shows the day. And with us on your side taking care of your garage door you have nothing to worry about since every day is going to be great day.

We at Garage Door Repair Des Plaines have been present on the garage door market and industry for many years gaining valuable knowledge and experience which we are more than happy to demonstrate to you and to resolve all your door issues for you.

We are the write business for you in case you are:
• Looking for new garage door and are indecisive and uncertain about style, design, size, quality and other relevant features.
• Need your garage door repaired
• Need your garage door to be installed or replaced properly
• Looking for a reliable garage door repair company with educated, skilled and professional technicians
• Looking for certified quality

We stand hundred percent behind our work. We put great emphasis on our customers which for us are the most important segment of our business. Our client’s satisfaction is our satisfaction as well. We employ well known brands and manufacturers (Amarr, Chamberline, Genie, Liftmaster, Intellicode…). All our products, replacement parts and services supply warranty.

Our motto is if it’s broke; fix it properly. We don’t believe in partial solutions and therefore we never provide you with one. When we address the issue we address it properly. Our highly skilled and professional experts and technicians approach each problem as if it was their own personal problem. We take your door personally and don’t rest until we find the optimal solution.

Call us any time of the day on 847-400-0221 and let us help you fix your door issues whatever they might be!


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